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My grandmother is probably the most important person ever to me, as she provided me with the stability and care a child needs growing up. We all have or have had people helping us become a responsible and caring person, and this short narrative game is an ode to these people.



  • Left joystick to move
  • Right joystick to rotate the camera
  • Any trigger to run
  • Any face button to interact

Most common controllers should work with the game.


  • move with WASD, ZQSD, or arrow keys
  • Shift to run
  • rotate camera with the mouse
  • left click, spacebar, return to interact


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Lieve Oma Win x64.zip 178 MB
Lieve Oma Win x86.zip 177 MB
Lieve Oma Mac Universal.zip 192 MB
Lieve Oma Mac x86.zip 180 MB
Lieve Oma Linux Universal.zip 192 MB


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streamed this on twitch and i loved it so much. such a sweet tribute to your grandmother. the art and music made this such a pleasant experience. here is my vod of my stream if u want to watch! (i played it in the second half) 

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This is a really sweet game :)

Una preciosidad de juego y una carta de amor a todo ser querido.

Really love your game, really moving experience :) And as a young dad, this game really talked to me.

I did have some visual glitches on my SurfacePro laptop, but except that, very good.


Crashed my computer on linux

really beautiful game. Don't rush though it :) 

so warm, cosy and lovely story! :) perfect experience! I cried a little hehehe


This is the first game that I've ever played, and I'm so lucky and grateful to have played Lieve Oma! During this time, I'm lucky enough to live in country where it's relatively safe to still meet up with my Grandma. 10/10 did cry because the narrative is incredibly relatable. I love the atmosphere and music choice! Thank you so much Florian Veltman! 


10/10 I did not cry

Really lovely little game/experience. Made me think of family. <3

Beautiful game, thanks for it !

I liked the stories, the ambiance and the music.

However, i would have liked it to be more dynamic at the end cause I left after playing 24 minutes and watched the end on Youtube ^^ E.g making a fox appear :)

A wonderful experience. Great ambience, music, visuals and dialogue. Really enjoyed it :)

The ambience, the music, the dialogues, the pace, all fits pretty nice creating a beatifull calm nostalgic expierence.
Now I miss my grandma.

This is genuinely one of the cutest and most wholesome games I have ever played. The music, the visuals, and the story moved me to tears, and quite honestly this game is very impactful emotionally. It was nostalgic to me in a way that made me excited to spend time with my grandma in the future. This game is truly a work of art.

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awesome game! and its so wholesome... kinda sad stories but i like it

here's my gameplay

My partner and I played this wholesome game together and it was wonderful. The art is cute and the short journey will hit you with all the FEELS. Nicely done visually and really love the scenery. You captured fall and winter nicely. Looking forward to other games!

this game is one of the cutest <3 i wish i had the money to donate :(

A very atmospheric game. I love it. <3


I really loved this game! I played it on streaming and I uploaded a video traslating the game into spanish at the same time i was playing, Im going to leave the link here so spanish speakers who don't know english could play it <3

El juego es encantador! Lo jugué durante un streaming en Twitch y lo resubí a Youtube, traduciendo los diálogos al español mientras jugaba, dejo el link por aquí por si alguien que no sepa inglés quiere entender la historia, un abrazo <3

Lovely game! The dialogue felt genuine!

this game make me cry is so beautiful


Hello! I am a university student from Turkey and I am studying English language for 3 years now. I had some minor experiences with translation and in the future I am planning to have a career in game localization. Lieve Oma is a very warming and sweet game. I would love to translate it to Turkish for free! :) If you are interested please contact me.


twitter: asli_o_o


This game is soo heartwarming! Such a lovely game, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


while playing the game it was almost like all my real life worries washed away. adorable.


really adored this game, especially as someone who've spent most of my life with my grandma as well.


A lovely, sweet and emotional game, I really loved it


Short and sweet. Those who are there for us in difficult times truly are the best!




-Made a Video. (Old Video)


a very tender beautiful game. My grandparents are in a different country and this made me bawl.


and thank you for sharing this lovely experience with us! Such a heartwarming little game!


At the start of the game I saw what it was trying to do, but I didn't think it would 'get' me. From the first part with the snow I was hooked. This game will only take 30 minutes of your time, but it's worth every second.


I played this a long time ago and forgot to post here. I didn't know my nana too well, but it made me think about my family and my younger life. It was a sad experience, but it was a nice experience too. Thank you for making this game.


Very relaxing and heart warming for me. Thanks. I needed this kind of game. I also began thinking about my grandparents through this game.


Took me back to days spent wandering the farm with my Oupa, hypnotized by his unique blend of science and make-believe storytelling.


At the start i thought the grandma was going to die or something like that but at the end she didn't and i was SO HAPPY, this is a truly beautiful experience and its touching to me considering all of my grandparents are gone


Thank you for this, my oma recently left my life and I was very scared to play because I thought the same thing, glad she survives <3


me, first saw the game page: "hmm, this looks quite cute"
me, 30 minutes after: *all in tears, phoning grandma* (no joking)

Never the less, it seems that it's been a while since the game is out and I am happy I discovered the game on the website somehow, indeed! I really admire how neat the idea and how good the realization both are.



Great world with natural story telling.Lot of emotions. During Quarantine it's a fresh air. Thanks!


for those of you who don't know, lieve oma is Dutch for sweet grandma


Google translate says "Dear grandma"


It has multiple meanings. But i understand

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