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My grandmother is probably the most important person ever to me, as she provided me with the stability and care a child needs growing up. We all have or have had people helping us become a responsible and caring person, and this short narrative game is an ode to these people.



  • Left joystick to move
  • Right joystick to rotate the camera
  • Any trigger to run
  • Any face button to interact

Most common controllers should work with the game.


  • move with WASD, ZQSD, or arrow keys
  • Shift to run
  • rotate camera with the mouse
  • left click, spacebar, return to interact

Published Mar 23, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 05, 2016
AuthorFlorian Veltman
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withIndieCade
TagsAtmospheric, Casual, Colorful, Controller, Cozy, Relaxing, Short, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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Lieve Oma Win x64.zip 178 MB
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Lieve Oma Mac Universal.zip 192 MB
Lieve Oma Mac x86.zip 180 MB
Lieve Oma Linux Universal.zip 192 MB


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This game is really pretty and relaxing. 

this game is so sweet and very beautiful! made me cry quite a bit <3

Very cute game made me cry a little and made me relise what i have left in life before its gone


This is beautiful, I cried. Thank you 

boy we've found a dutch person

good luck with gamemaking.

Beautiful game :')))))) Thanks for sharing this with us!

thanks for this game, after played this game, i miss my grandma who passed away 3 years ago. 

Just finished the game. Very well done! Will let my kids play this one. Thanks!

Normally games don't do what this did to me. Life is strange or the witcher 3 (I know they are completely different games) didn't envoke the amount of emotions this game did. My grandmother is very dear to me and she is still alive. And this game made me realise I am not spending enough time with her. Thanks for opening my eyes. 

Greetings from another Dutchie o//

It is very relaxing, the music was good, i love the artstyle of the game. Worth playing! 

One of those fantastic art experiences that combines opposite emotions to great effect. Both beautiful and melancholy, both intimately and expansive, together in poetic game. 

Loved it! <3

does not fullscreen well on my laptop, very blurry and hard to read text. I know you're trying to go for a low res look via 240p but typically it's better to upscale than to force a low resolution.

This is a very solemn and lovely story. Thank you for making this.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

This tugged at my feelings in all different kinds of ways. My grandma was very dear to me as, well. You can tell the deep story of real life events taking place in this game. My heart dropped when she grew up and, it was winter I thought she lost her grandma but, thankfully she called her on the phone!

Thankyou. A alot.

Lovely game. Great story. Fantastic music and sounds. Superb... :)



This was beautiful! Made me tear up. Thank you for making and sharing it.


Dont MInd  The Cover


Guys Try Out The Explorer 3 If I Get 2 downloads i will make it free

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Loveeeeee The Game'

(1 edit) (+3)

Lieve Oma is your lovely, warm, no bullshit significant adult helping you navigate the hurts of life with foraging trips to the woods,  gentle piano tracks and  hot chocolate. I played it a couple of months after my own grandmother died and it brought back many feelings. Only negative is the English felt clunky at times, but maybe that's just how Grandma talks.

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are you actualy dutch?

Edit: yup i saw you won the dutch game award


Thank-you for making this wonderful experience. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother growing up and this was very touching.


Thank you so much for this lovely game.


Such a heartwarming game!


Thank you. It was a thoughtful experience. As someone who used to go mushroom picking, and misses my grandparents, this is something.


I've been anticipating playing this for a good part of the year, waiting until the leaves around my town turn red, orange, yellow... this was wonderful, and I did cry. Thank you so much.


Wow, what a calming and beautiful game! Thanks for that! 




What a beautiful game <3


Simply put, I cried. This is such a lovely experience...


cute little game