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Thank you so much for making this! This was a beautiful and moving experience, one that I'm happy to have went through.

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Hello, I played the game and to be honest... I cried.

Even though, it's the duo walking; the experience was emotional and It's really heartwarming how peaceful their stroll in the forest- it's just so relaxing. Thank you for making this game and i had a really great experience, I will never forget about this game :)

Superb, Great and emotional experience, Beautifully put together. Thanks for creating this! 

Very cute. Very enjoyable. Good work.

Hey yooooo haha! I used some of the footage from this game in my latest list. I did play the entire thing. It was a really sweet story. I love games that are more of a laidback personal experience and I like how much you were able to get across with just the small exchanges between the characters over time. Also loved the color choices for the different seasons. Good work as usual!

please, is the game really 32 bit.


are you dumb?

the x86 zip IS the 32-bit version!

No, because a lot of games i have downloaded from this website says 32 bit app, but after the downloading done, it says this program is not a win 32 bit app, that's why i just wants to make sure before i download it.

This was a beautiful experience, thank you for creating it. It means a lot to me.


Beautiful! The mood is so serene and heartwarming. This is an amazing tribute to those who understood that childhood emotions take a harder toll on us than it seems.

Mooi mooi!


This game made me very happy and helped me remember people who've helped me in life and appreciate the people who still do. What could be better? A true gem.


What a beautiful, tranquil and touching game. 

I didn't move a tonne when I was a kid, but my parents did separate and it was really hard on our family. Your Grandma sounds like a great person, I'm happy you could make a game for her. 

Thank you.


This is so cute and sweet ! Thanks for creating such an amazing game :D


I've moved ten times in the last eight years.

This really helped, somehow. Thank you.

So cozy & relaxing!! Loved it!


i absolutely loved this, it was so wholesome. also, as soon as i heard the arabesque i was overwhelmed with joy, it has always been one of my favorite songs, so thank you very much for choosing that one. it gave the game, at least for me, an incredibly welcoming atmosphere.

This was really touching. Thank you. I only found the run binding when I had to backtrack after leaving grandmother behind at one point.. so much the better, but I don't think I did the mushrooms justice!

Beautiful game. Great sound, chill atmosphere, and lovely artwork! A great 30 minutes to spend in a relaxing autumn forest. 

The game was beautiful and I was just captivated the entire time!

Very nice storytelling, thank you for sharing this experience!

good game!

This is amazing!


I love this game with my whole heart x


this is incredibly cute. <3


I came to kiss my mother after playing! Thanks for the game.


I am usually chatty in my comment but THIS left me with a sense of astonishment. Three words I could describe the experience through the platform autumn forest are : serene, picteresque, and nostalgic :')

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My written review including LIEVE OMA

"Here, you spend an afternoon with your kindly grandmother who guides you on a walk — collecting mushrooms for supper, and offering advice for your challenges in coming of age."

Above - a winter walk, jumping further into your future

This game is really pretty and relaxing. 


this game is so sweet and very beautiful! made me cry quite a bit <3


Very cute game made me cry a little and made me relise what i have left in life before its gone


This is beautiful, I cried. Thank you 


boy we've found a dutch person

good luck with gamemaking.


Beautiful game :')))))) Thanks for sharing this with us!


thanks for this game, after played this game, i miss my grandma who passed away 3 years ago. 


Just finished the game. Very well done! Will let my kids play this one. Thanks!


Normally games don't do what this did to me. Life is strange or the witcher 3 (I know they are completely different games) didn't envoke the amount of emotions this game did. My grandmother is very dear to me and she is still alive. And this game made me realise I am not spending enough time with her. Thanks for opening my eyes. 

Greetings from another Dutchie o//


It is very relaxing, the music was good, i love the artstyle of the game. Worth playing! 


One of those fantastic art experiences that combines opposite emotions to great effect. Both beautiful and melancholy, both intimately and expansive, together in poetic game. 


Loved it! <3


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