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Honestly the best game I've played on this platform so far. This truly was an incredible, calming and adventurous game that made my mind leave the world. I love the animation and the style and everything. This was a truly magical journey. Thank you so much for this game ❤


this game is so unclear theres no instructions, which may be the whole point, but i got stuck (like i couldnt move) on the car in the 2nd part



but for some reason in the cherry blossom area, the blue train wont open it's doors?? Idk if it's something im doin but it wont open- Other than that (again, could be me doing somethin) I love the atmosphere and vibe to this game! :)

nice vibes :)

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I like the game alot! but the only problem i have is that you can't jump so if you go on one of the railings that has 2 of them you get stuck. But you can just go into the blue void and respawn. Also whenever I get on a train for a new area it just turns black.. If I could play more I would! 9/10


The version for Linux doesn't work on Ubuntu Budgie; it just shows weird black&white stripes quickly moving around the screen (graphics problem).

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I really loved visiting each station since the first Endless Express. Miyazaki vibes.

The characters were very intriguing and funny. 


It's a really fun game! It's a bit buggy and hard to see where you're going at times, but I love the concept and it's super fun regardless.


I've been searching for this game ever since I saw a quick playthrough 5 years ago! 


one of my favorite games since it came out


I think about this game regularly since it came out. It's lovely. I wish I could explore more of this world.


Could somebody please tell me how to reset the save file? On Windows I tried deleting the folder "The Endless Express" in "C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Florian Veltman" but that did not reset the game.

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i tryed that to and it didnt work im still trying tho if i am able to figure out how to reset it i'l let you know

i dont think you can reset the game without having to reinstall the itch app

You should release the Soundtrack somewhere :)


Quite cool! makes me curious what you few will make in the future. I support you in trying to launch a commercial game. It's a big piece of work to do so.

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The original Endless Express was such a massive part of my younger years and initial introduction to indie games and is one of my favourite games for that reason. This is a fantastic updated version/sequel of that original game and means a lot to me.

I really like artist!! Great game!~

I like the game, well done! M1 Mac Gameplay


Hey, I got stuck in one of the buildings and cant get out, so if there is a way to start the game over it would be great.

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yup, same. cool game tho


I really enjoyed playing through this. It would be great if you guys could expand upon it later on, but there's no obligation. Also is the soundtrack of this game available anywhere? I really like that as well.


I played this before I even had an account here, and I loved it! I spent hours exploring and trying to figure out how everything worked, and, as a bonus, in that whole time I didn't find a single glitch! 10/10 from me!

This is my favorite game. The goat

I really liked it ! It was actually super cute and I loved the gameplay. I had fun playing this game, wasn't a waste of time. However, I played it on Linux and there were many bugs (texture bug to be more precise)...

As others have mentioned, there are many weird issues on Linux.

Aside from things like fullscreen not working, which were already mentioned, I also noted that, in windowed mode, the mouse is never hidden. It stays centered, but it never goes away and it's so distracting I can't keep playing it.

The funniest thing, though, is that running the Windows version on Wine actually works out of the box without any issues! So, for Linux users: just download the Windows version and you'll be fine.

Having an issue getting the game to work properly on Linux Mint 19. When I launch the game, it sets to the wrong resolution and then when I attempt to fix it in the settings it doesn't correctly register my mouse in the options menu.

I attempted to try the windowed mode fix someone suggested, but my mouse can't be recognized at all in the menu anymore and there is no way for me to disable fullscreen. I'm locked playing this game at the smallest possible resolution.


What was that? There was an anoying voice that was saying :pitty pitty pitty pu-ty" and it was really annoying. Then i got bored and left.

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It's a shame, I installed this game way back when you first posted it and only played it recently. Really fun concept and style. I had a blast playing it even though it wasn't fully what you wanted it to be. It was lovely! 

this is quite a fun an neat experience. it may not be some full giant game but there is some serious beauty in the simplicity and the way you approached this game. thank you for this.

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My written review featuring The Endless Express

"Of note would have to be Endless Express’ soundtrack and characters — neither of which express an overarching story, but create an odd and cartoonish atmosphere . . . there is a sense that, maybe, this is a not a place completely part of consciousness."


It would have been cool to see this become a full game.

the watch idea is clever and detail. However, it blocks my sight sometimes and makes me hard to check schedule and time at the same time. In Fact, I won't simultaneously do that in the real life, but the fact that it's a bit hassle strongly make me feel "I'm in video game". But I really love the game other than that.

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Fullscreen is kinda broken on Linux. Also, there's a really annoying sound loop... Other than that , it's a great game! Please check out the issues with Linux though...

Also you have support for QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards, why not do DVORAK as well?

EDIT: Turns out that annoying music is not a bug but an easter egg :P won't say how it happened so I don't spoil it for others XD

More than broken, fullscreen breaks the screen down : I closed the game, my screen keeps blinking ! X.X

I run Archlinux with Deepin Desktop Environment

super fun! I loved it


I downloaded the game but haven't played yet. I think it might be cool. DO YOU KNOW DA WAY

Signing off-

Uganda Knuckles.

I loved the idea of an adventurous 3D space menu - I just wish every game had that. This is a great game for those who have low end computers. To be more specific, you can go to my YouTube About page ( to see what my laptop specifications are to get an idea.

I also loved the Wanted flyers! Haha! The jokes in the game are great! I definitely loved the aesthetics of the game, aka the flat shading. I feel like this game would be something I would look back on just for nostalgia. Oh, when choosing between social interactions, I find that they're too long. They need to be summed up. At least, that's what it seemed like what should happen. Maybe I'm just too used to playing games from Telltale. Anyways, here's my gameplay:

P. S. What do you guys think of my bathroom sign man on the bottom left of the thumbnail?

Hey man can you please let me know how did you achieve the flat shading ?

I had so much fun with this game and there is so much more content to it than I originally thought there was which was a wonderful surprise! I loved interacting with all the different characters and will definitly be revisiting this game. I did make a small gameplay video for it and if you got the chance to check it out I'd be very appreciative!

Am I supposed to have a Doom bar at the bottom and somebody sorta.. scatting throughout? 


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