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I just played it for about 2 hours! And I can not say anything else other than it was a very very interesting experience and something I never experienced before.. even though I appearently saw everything, it felt like there are so many mysteries in this game and I have just scratched the edge! I would really want to see a finished project. I am very VERY sad that this game was cancelled because I think it would have been a guaranteed success with this concept! You nailed everything from the atmosphere to the confusement part with the trains.

I have just read your comment, and I feel so happy to hear this. In fact we say "canceled", because if we go back into this game, we need to rebuilt a lot of things. But I think nothing is impossible, and the team still have the fate for making this world alive. Actually, we got plenty more ideas and stuff we didn't put in this version. It was just a matter of time.

Thank you for the support ! Maybe it will give us the power to do another game in the same world, or maybe to continue it.

As I said I think the experience I had with this project was like no other.. You nailed this whole gameplay mechanic of beeing confused but actually trying to connect the puzzle pieces! I would love to see more content from you guys!


Congrats on the game Florian, Alexandre, Martin, Felix and Baptiste! I really enjoyed the whole sense of exploration, having no idea where we were heading from train to train, while meeting some peculiar characters along the way!

I hope you enjoy my silly playthrough of it! Get your train tickets ready and let's embark together on this journey through the rails. Tchu tchu!

Since this was your first try for a commercial game, when is the next game coming up?



Loved this game! Went in blind not knowing what I was in for and I had a really good time. Honestly didn't find any problems with the game (apart from a couple of small bits) so good job guys! (Sorry about butchering your names...)

hey man thanks for your LP! Glad you enjoyed playing :D

No worries thanks for making the game! It's a beaut! :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Heh, found an easter egg!

What a game!!! LOVED the art style reminded me of Spirited Away for some reason :D

hey man thanks for making a video about the game, glad you enjoyed it :D

Hope you enjoyed it! thanks for making the awesome game!! :D

Can this be considered an indie game?

Hey! I think it fully can, as we made it without any support other than our own! :)

Whenever I try to launch it, it says that it will harm my pc, and says don't run it with no other options.

hey, I'm not entirely sure how PC's deal with programs from the internet, but it should run like any other Unity game you'd find on! Apart from trying to run it as admin I have no idea!

no, it works with unity games, I develop with unity also. Just yours. I WANT TO PLAY IT!!

Deleted 3 years ago

ack——— maybe it's because I'm exporting the games from the os x version of unity! Sorry about that, not sure what I can do about it!

(1 edit)

No worries! Got around it pretty fast, just wanted to let ya know. :)


This seems so strange but definitely beautiful.

I seem to get stuck in blackness after a few rides though :(

ah sorry about that, we noticed that bug yeah! We never found a fix, sorry!

Does it always happen? Or only on Windows? Or only on x64? Or only at random...?


it seems to be pretty random, but only to the station you were heading towards at the end of your LP! 🤔 that station works slightly differently from others as well so yeah… Work on the game has stopped though as it became a bit too big for our scrappy time-constrained team… So sorry about the bug! I hope it was a fun little experience though!

Played this for a while last night and absolutely loved it! I was totally immersed in it. Kinda reminded me of how I felt when I went to Japan, and at first, I had almost no clue what was going on. I really love and seek out those kind of experiences – getting lost in an enjoyable way – so this game really struck a chord with me.

Big fan of the art style and music. They compliment each other very nicely.

I still have quite a bit to explore and see, but just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying this - thanks for sharing this project! I hope your team sticks together, if possible!

Hey thanks for your kind words, it means a lot! I'm glad you have a good time with the game, that means it was worth releasing anyhow :)

Looks cool but I prefer to play with PUIE on my bépo keyboard ;).

heya sorry about that, rewindable keys was something we intended to work on but we don't intend on working on it anymore, as the game's size got a bit out of hand. We wanted to not have the game just die on a hard drive, that's why we put it up here :) Sorry about that, I hope you'll get a chance of playing it anyway!

I understand! For a free game there is not harm done… I can always switch to qwerty to play it. (Not with the keys I like but if it’s a short game it’s ok.)

Hello, I finished your game and it was interesting indeed. I found the setup fun to do and the tasks certainly strange, I feel I might have missed some things I hope I did not miss too much, I think you sold yourself short a little there is a lot of experience in this game and although it is cancelled I think it is great, I suggest you put this on the Gamejolt website I think it would get a lot of positive results, it will get my 5/5 for sure.

Gameplay link is here. YouTube: Fellowplayer

hey cool LP! thanks for making it, glad you enjoyed it! Not sure about putting the game on GJ, I really like and it's community a lot and would like to keep the game in one place :)

I'll definitely be checking this out later tonight. it seems like an awesome concept even if it isn't 100% done. Will update later with my thoughts ;)

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