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I played this before I even had an account here, and I loved it! I spent hours exploring and trying to figure out how everything worked, and, as a bonus, in that whole time I didn't find a single glitch! 10/10 from me!

This is my favorite game. The goat

I really liked it ! It was actually super cute and I loved the gameplay. I had fun playing this game, wasn't a waste of time. However, I played it on Linux and there were many bugs (texture bug to be more precise)...

As others have mentioned, there are many weird issues on Linux.

Aside from things like fullscreen not working, which were already mentioned, I also noted that, in windowed mode, the mouse is never hidden. It stays centered, but it never goes away and it's so distracting I can't keep playing it.

The funniest thing, though, is that running the Windows version on Wine actually works out of the box without any issues! So, for Linux users: just download the Windows version and you'll be fine.

Having an issue getting the game to work properly on Linux Mint 19. When I launch the game, it sets to the wrong resolution and then when I attempt to fix it in the settings it doesn't correctly register my mouse in the options menu.

I attempted to try the windowed mode fix someone suggested, but my mouse can't be recognized at all in the menu anymore and there is no way for me to disable fullscreen. I'm locked playing this game at the smallest possible resolution.

what game engine was used for this?


What was that? There was an anoying voice that was saying :pitty pitty pitty pu-ty" and it was really annoying. Then i got bored and left.

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It's a shame, I installed this game way back when you first posted it and only played it recently. Really fun concept and style. I had a blast playing it even though it wasn't fully what you wanted it to be. It was lovely! 

this is quite a fun an neat experience. it may not be some full giant game but there is some serious beauty in the simplicity and the way you approached this game. thank you for this.

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